Elizabeth Dorazio

The MFA program at NYUAD helped me to have a deeper view of my art practice. As a result, I believe I have attained a new professional level.

Since the beginning, my practice has been rooted in drawing, nature being the subject that has given me motivation to produce my art. During the MFA at NYUAD, I could delve deeper into it. My final project was an installation called The Cosmic Forest, a synthesis of a research process that I started almost three decades ago and that has led me through this program, to explore new and deeper ideas.

Thanks to the hard work of Tina Sherwell, Sandra Peters, and Terri Geis, this institution has not only offered us an extremely rich program, but has also allowed us to meet dozens of eminent people from the artistic world, curators, other artists, guests from other countries, and thereby expanding our network of knowledge.

Home Region: Brazil

Current Occupation: Visual Artist.  I carry on researching, producing, and exhibiting my art.

Location: I split my time between working at my studio in Dubai, UAE and my studio in São Paulo, Brazil

I now continue to produce art and exhibit my work. Apart from that, I want to teach drawing. With technology, we lose the ability to see and observe things in depth. Through drawing, I believe we are able to occupy this stable, solid space. Focused on a world that is constantly moving. 

To me, the whole program was such a great experience and as the program advanced, the more exciting it became. My aim moving forward is to affirm my presence as an artist in the region as well as in Europe and the USA.