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Fish Food

Climate change is altering the ecology of the world's coral reefs and, in turn, affecting fish feeding behaviors and food availability for millions of fish that rely on reefs for their main meals.

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Experts Gather to Discuss Coral Reefs of the Gulf

According to John Burt, NYUAD's Assistant Professor of Practice of Biology, more than 70 percent of the 3,800 square kilometers of coral reef in the Gulf has been lost, and only three percent of reefs are considered to be relatively undamaged.

John Burt, Associate Professor of Biology, NYUAD

NYUAD Professor Highlights Plight of Coral Reefs

"There is much concern in marine science that coral reefs are reaching their 'tipping point'," said John Burt, marine biologist and NYU Abu Dhabi assistant professor of practice of biology, "when anthropogenic activities will push reefs from being diverse areas dominated by corals to low-diversity, low-abundance ecosystems dominated instead by algae."