Driven by Nature

NYUAD marine biologist receives the UAE's most prestigious natural history award

John Burt received the Sheikh Mubarak Al Nahyan Natural History Award in 2017, the UAE’s premier natural history award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to environmental scientific research.

Burt, a marine biologist and associate professor of biology, has been studying coral reef systems in the UAE for over a decade and published more than 50 scholarly articles and book chapters on marine ecology in the UAE and surrounding nations since joining NYU Abu Dhabi in 2009.


In the past three decades we’ve witnessed widespread degradation of reefs around the region. Management efforts to limit human stressors are critical.

John Burt, marine biologist

Burt also acts as an adviser and expert for government agencies in the region to help decision makers move toward better environmental protections, particularly for coral reef systems threatened by climate change and other pressures.

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