Quantum Information and Quantum Matter

The conference Quantum Information and Quantum Matter aims at gathering active researchers at the forefront of the science of quantum information and quantum matter, in order to foster the incubation of new ideas and collaborations at the forefront of quantum algorithms, emerging perspectives on quantum matter and novel generations of quantum communication protocols, quantum sensing and quantum simulation.

Topics include recent developments in quantum computing, quantum simulation of exotic states of matter, quantum software and algorithms, theory of quantum materials, topological quantum matter, and topological quantum processes.

The event is motivated by aimed at contributing to the strong interaction between the two fields of quantum information and quantum matter, and talks are intended to reflect the interdisciplinary nature between and within these fields.

Conference Dates

May 22-26, 2023
NYU Abu Dhabi Campus

For instance, key phenomena in condensed matter theory, such as the characterization and detection of topologically ordered ground states, are increasingly understood by quantum information theoretic quantifications of entropy and/or entanglement. In the other direction, topologically ordered ground states are of course the substrate on which topological quantum computation is going to be realized, and recent insights into physically possible anyonic topological phases is leading to new perspectives on topological quantum protocols in particular. Even with the dramatic recent activity in quantum sciences, it seems clear that we are only at the beginning of fully grasping the interaction of quantum information with quantum matter. We intend this meeting to initiate an annual series in the subject to both reflect and propel the development of the emerging deepening of the field of quantum science.

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