New Faculty Orientation

Our faculty are a highly diverse group of dedicated teachers, innovative and creative researchers, and inspired scholars.  We welcome back those who have been with us before and those who are joining us for the first time. Those of us in university administration, your fellow faculty, and the NYUAD students are all looking forward to meeting you.   

Welcome! اهلا وسهلا

The Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Engagement and the Office of Academic Appointments collaborate to create an inclusive, informative, and thorough orientation to being a faculty member at NYUAD. Through a bespoke Faculty Orientation Session, we provide all the material needed in a paced fashion to be sure all new faculty are fully prepared for starting the semester.

A series of live orientation sessions before the start of the semester to provide key information and answer questions about onboarding and preparing for teaching and launching research. During the first semester on board, there are sessions that help new faculty learn the skills and information needed to thrive at NYUAD. In addition, the Hilary Ballon Center for Teaching and Learning hosts a series of workshops each semester to advance excellent and inclusive pedagogy.  

Spring 2022 Schedule

The schedule, details, and materials related to each stage of the orientation journey is found on the Faculty Orientation Page on the NYUAD Intranet.

December 15, 2021

Step 1: Ready to Board | Complete Review of Virtual Material

December 20, 2021

Step 1: Ready to Board Q&A session via ZOOM

January 16, 2022

Step 2:  Preparing for Take Off  | Complete REview of Virtual Material

January 17, 2022

Step 2:  Syllabus Lab via Zoom

January 19, 2022

Step 3:  Landing and Launching | Via Zoom  

February 1, 2022

Step 4: Our NYUAD | Via Zoom  

March 7, 2022

Step 5: Beyond the Classroom: Student Support and Engagement | Location TBD  

March 9, 2022

Step 6: Overview of The Faculty Life Cycle [Standing Faculty]

Apr 25 to Apr 29, 2022

Step 7: Office Hours with Vice Provost Edepli [Standing Faculty] | by appointment

Key Contacts for Faculty Orientation

Faculty Advancement and Engagement

Kirsten Sadler Edepli, PhD
Vice Provost

Office of Academic Appointments

Naomi Munro
Associate Director, Academic Appointments

Paola Baba
Academic Business Partner
Leera Dy
Administrative Coordinator