Faculty Mentoring

Advice, feedback, and support are key to faculty development at all stages. This program was intended to provide a structure for informal guidance on career development, with the aim of enhancing success and achievement of academic excellence for the entire NYUAD faculty. Career mentors and discipline mentors are important for professional growth for all faculty and are particularly valuable to those who are underrepresented in their discipline. In addition, although the benefits of career mentoring are often centered on support for early-career faculty, there are considerable benefits for senior faculty serving as mentors, as this work hones listening skills, enhances the ability to provide constructive and effective feedback, and provides an opportunity to reflect on one’s own career path.


Early Career Faculty Mentoring Program

Participation in this program is voluntary and matches are made via work in each division. Initially, matches are established to provide optimal interaction, but the structure of the relationship can be adjusted as needed. While pair-mentoring relationships are most common, committees in which two or more senior or near-peer colleagues advise early career colleagues are an alternative option to provide diversity in perspectives and feedback. The key components of this program are to meet regularly (once a semester is optimal), establish rapport, enter into conversation with an openness to professional growth and engage in self-reflection.

More information can be found here, and also on the NYU New York website.

Faculty Month of Mentoring, February 2021