Writing Productivity

The Women Faculty Writing Group meets throughout the academic year and is open to all women who hold an NYUAD faculty appointment. These 3-hour sessions provide a quiet space, refreshments, and camaraderie of women faculty dedicated to scholarly writing productivity.

In AY22, we will meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 9AM-12:00PM and every Friday  from 2:30-5:30PM via zoom.  All women faculty members will be added to the calendar invitations.

Docket Prep Writing Groups are organized for all faculty preparing dockets for contract renewal, tenure, or promotion.

During 8 Weeks of Writing, faculty partake in the shared goals of enhancing scholarly writing productivity by engaging in a series of workshops, motivational events and accountability mechanisms that invigorate writing.


Please join us in congratulating Warren Churchill, Lecturer of Music at NYUAD, on the recent publication of his book chapter, "Made In/visible: Erasing Disability in Music Education", (Warren N. Churchill and Tuulikki Laes) in Difference and Division in Music Education, ed. Alexis Anja Kallio, Routledge, 2020.  Warren mentions that some of the writing was done during the  "Eight Weeks of Writing" workshops that were part of the Faculty Advancement and Engagement initiative.

I am grateful for the writing workshops offered by NYUAD Faculty Advancement and Engagement. I enjoyed the motivational meetings. And being part of a writing group inspired me to finish a book chapter that is finally being published in Alexis Kallio (ed.) “Difference and Division in Music Education".  It feels great to make rewarding writing progress.