Faculty Recognition and Awards

1. Award Categories: Criteria

  • NYUAD Transformative Research Award: will be bestowed on standing faculty members at any stage of their research career for transformative and highly impactful research and creative accomplishments that have been published, performed, or otherwise released to the world in the past three calendar years from the time of nomination. Faculty who are early in their careers will be evaluated based on the promise of research impact, while seasoned faculty will be assessed based on both impact and track record.
  • NYUAD Award for Teaching Excellence: will recognize outstanding contributions to the educational mission of NYUAD. This award will be bestowed on faculty who will be recognized for excellence in liberal arts education, research mentorship, creativity, and innovation in teaching for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • NYUAD Distinguished Service Award for standing faculty members who have a history of exemplary service to the University, whether it be through governance or any other service that advances the mission of NYUAD being an innovative, forward-looking, and inclusive institution. Eligible candidates will have participated in university service for at least one full academic year in the past three years.

2. Nomination Criteria

  1. Eligibility Requirements for Nominees:
    • Currently employed as a full-time member of the NYUAD standing faculty
    • Completed at least three (3) years of continuous service as an NYUAD standing faculty member as of the date when the nomination period closes.
    • Faculty can be nominated for more than one award.
    • Previous award recipients in the same category and those serving in senior leadership positions (dean, vice provost) are ineligible.
  2. Eligibility Requirements for Nominators:
    • Nominations can be submitted by any student, alumni, standing, affiliated, visiting and adjunct faculty, administrative, academic, and research staff.
    • Any faculty member who meets the eligibility requirements can self-nominate.
    • Nominations by those who are spouses, domestic partners, or immediate family members of the nominee are not permitted.
    • Nominations by students who are enrolled in a course this semester where the faculty member being nominated is responsible for assigning the final grade for the course are not permitted.

Winners, Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Transformative Research Award
    • Kemal Celik, Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering, Engineering Division
    • Marsha Ginsberg, Associate Arts Professor of Theater, Arts and Humanities Division
    • Justin Stearns, Professor of Arab Crossroads, Arts and Humanities Division
  • Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Distinguished Service Award
    • Olivier Bochet, Associate Professor of Economics, Social Science Division
    • Nizar Habash, Professor of Computer Science, Science Division