Faculty Recognition and Awards

NYUAD faculty are world class researchers and scholars, devoted teachers and mentors, and are extraordinarily dedicated to the service of the institution and their disciplines. The NYUAD Faculty Awards honor distinction in teaching, university service, and research.   


The Distinguished Research Award is bestowed on two faculty for transformative research and creative accomplishments that have been published, performed, or otherwise released to the world in the past three calendar years.

2021 Winners

  • Monica Menendez, Associate Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering, Division of Engineering
  • Ozgur Sinanoglu, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Division of Engineering

Getting an award that recognizes my research is not only extremely rewarding but also humbling. This award is shared with those who make what I accomplish possible: my hard-working research team that strives for excellence, NYUAD which allows freedom to pursue my curiosity, and my family, who has fully supported me in each step.

Monica Menendez, 2021 NYUAD Faculty Distinguished Research Award


The Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes outstanding commitment to teaching in the classroom, mentoring, and advancing the educational mission.

2021 Winners

  • Kartik Sreenivasan, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Division of Science
  • Camilla Boisen, Lecturer of Writing, Division of Arts and Humanities 

The Award for Teaching Innovation recognizes  exemplary innovation and creativity in teaching.

2021 Winner

  • Nasser Isleem, Senior Lecturer of Arabic, Division of Arts and Humanities

This award is a reminder and an inspiration to continue to seek ways to innovate how I teach and how I learn from my students and peers.

Kartik Sreenivasan, 2021 NYUAD Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award


The Distinguished Service Award is bestowed on two faculty who have demonstrated a history of exemplary service to the University.

2021 Winners

  • Eric Hamilton, Lecturer of Political Science, Division of Social Science
  • Joanna Settle, Arts Professor of Theater, Division of Arts and Humanities

Unable to travel due to the pandemic and with my research projects stalled, I threw myself into the work of how to sustain and nurture our university through the troubled times. The news that I had been selected for this distinguished Service Award brought me such pride. The expression of faith and appreciation from the university means the world to me. 

Joanna Settle, 2021 NYUAD Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Summer Scholars

Faculty excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service is a core value of NYUAD. To enhance the capacity of our faculty in these areas, the NYUAD Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Engagement solicits applications from all standing NYUAD faculty for the Summer Scholar Awards.

This award will provide financial support for faculty seeking professional development opportunities at high-impact programs offered through a select number of institutes during the summer months. This program has been discontinued for AY21-22.

The faculty success development program helped me improve my time management skills, especially with balancing my time between writing and other tasks related to the job. It also made me realize that the challenges I face are universal and that sharing experiences and advice is crucial to professional development.

Farah Shamout, Assistant Professor, Emerging Scholar of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Summer Scholar AY19-20