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Each year, one third of NYUAD graduates go on to graduate school, more than any Ivy League institution. Students get help through all stages of the process — from defining their interests and goals to choosing the right school and perfecting their application.

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Yusuf Jimoh, Class of 2022

A PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at Princeton University.

Tareq Abbasi, Class of 2021

A Fulbright Scholar, pursuing his masters at the University of Pittsburgh at the Graduate school of Public and International Affairs.

Sophie Arni

I identify myself as a globally minded person and NYUAD made me even more connected with people from all over.

Ahlam Al Qasim

I followed my passion and did what I enjoyed, and that is why I ended up where I am today. Pour your heart and soul into your passion, and everything else will fall into place on its own.

Shivani Mishra, Class of 2020

Shivani currently pursuing an MSc in South Asian Studies at Oxford University and working as an apprentice at the BBC Global News.

Simran Motiani

Simran started with a gap year and ended at Oxford University.

Gabriel Figueroa Torres

My worldview and my approach to learning changed radically when I was in Abu Dhabi. They have continued to change here in Singapore in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Batu Aytemiz

Every day I draw upon the different topics I got exposed to in NYU Abu Dhabi, from Brechtian Theater to the Arab Spring.

Toma Pavlov

As a student leader of a European student interest group I got the opportunity to organize various events and debates on current events in Europe.

Myungin Sohn

I knew one thing as I approached graduation: I wanted to continue working with Arabic texts and explore the different genres of Arabic texts.

Juan Felipe Beltran

I’m a big believer in the idea that your biggest growth does not come only from your teachers but from the people you go through experiences with.

Nicoleta Nichifor

I am focusing on education: understanding educational institutions, and analyzing policies.

Luke Tyburski

The most interesting thing is that being away from home has made me more conscious of being an American.

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