Nicoleta Nichifor

NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2017

Master’s student in Arab Studies
Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service
NYUAD major: Political Science
Home region: Basarabeasca, Moldova

One of the reasons I decided to continue my studies at Georgetown University is because of its excellent Arabic language program. 

Through my previous education and internship opportunities, I acquired an interest in the field of development, which I am currently concentrating in. I am focusing on education: understanding educational institutions, and analyzing policies.

In my first semester of classes, I researched the development of the UAE’s education system from the 19th century until the present, and the introduction of technology in the classroom at all levels of schooling in the UAE. Additionally, I’ve researched the political economy of women’s employment in Saudi Arabia, touching upon education provision and the ongoing policy developments.

Gaining higher proficiency in Arabic has been my aspiration. I am very excited about constantly working toward improving my writing and speaking skills, and I hope to take an Arabic-based course next year.  

One of the greatest revelations: I have learned that our NYUAD community is a truly global family. During the first day of my orientation at Georgetown, I immediately recognized another NYUAD alumna who is studying in the same program. Moreover, one of my teaching assistants from NYUAD is also pursuing her master’s degree at the School of Foreign Service. I feel truly grateful for my undergraduate experience and for becoming part of NYUAD’s global network.