Myungin Sohn

NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2017

PhD student in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Yale University
NYUAD major: Arab Crossroads Studies
Home region: Seoul, South Korea

I cannot understate the value of faculty members [at NYUAD] who supported me in my academic pursuits and their constant encouragement toward independent research in the field of Arabic and Islamic studies.

I knew one thing as I approached graduation: I wanted to continue working with Arabic texts and explore the different genres of Arabic texts. My capstone project was a wonderful space for me to pursue independent research and discover the rigor and excitement of research working with Arabic texts. As I fostered an interest in Arabic studies, I began to consider programs that would allow me to pursue it at the PhD level.

My professors in Arabic and Islamic Studies at NYU Abu Dhabi guided me in the application process, suggesting renowned scholars at various universities that I could work with. I would recommend that students interested in pursuing graduate research approach their professors while at the same time develop one's capstone research as much as possible.

As a first year PhD student, I most enjoy initiating study sessions with my cohort of scholars who are focusing on classical Arabic studies. We share our understanding of classical Arabic grammar and attempt at interpretations of 12th century Arabic philosophy. Alongside my coursework, I also enjoy reading the Quran and listening to Quranic recitations in appreciation for its literary and semantic richness.

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