Toma Pavlov

NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2017

Master’s student in Public Policy
Hertie School of Governance
NYUAD major: Political Science
Home region: Rousse, Bulgaria

Today’s complex world requires us to be adaptive and have the ability to tackle issues by applying multiple approaches and perspectives.

The breadth of knowledge and experiences that the liberal arts program at NYU Abu Dhabi gave me prepared me for my master’s program in the best possible way. Rather than being a specialist on one particular topic, I can engage and contribute to multiple different areas: from development policy in Southeast Asia to climate policy in Europe. However, the breadth of knowledge and variety of experiences has not prevented me from using my master’s program to follow my passion and deepen my expertise on European issues, or to expand my skills in data analysis.

I have always been passionate about European affairs and at NYU Abu Dhabi I was able to retain this interest and further deepen it through my non-academic involvements. As a student leader of a European student interest group I got the opportunity to organize various events and debates on current events in Europe. I received the opportunity to intern at European Parliament in Brussels with the support of the Career Development Center. Furthermore, I was able to attend relevant conferences and workshops while studying away. Those involvements helped me follow and deepen my interest, but also to secure a university scholarship, which is specifically geared towards students with interest and track-record in European affairs.

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