Faculty in the Art and Art History Program at NYU Abu Dhabi come from all over the world with a wide range of teaching and research interests. You will find biographies, course listings, research and publications, and contact information on each faculty member's individual profile.

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Denise Teece, Assistant Professor of Art History

Research and Teaching Interests: The art and architecture of the Islamic world, with a special focus on Qara Quyunlu, Aq Quyunlu and early Safavid art, the transmission of artistic knowledge within artist families; religious institutions in Persia as patrons of art; visual/textual content of anthological manuscripts; carpet and textile studies.

Jonny Farrow, Lecturer of Visual Arts and Interactive Media, NYUAD

Jonathan Farrow, Lecturer in Visual Arts and Interactive Media

Research and Teaching Interests: Sculpture, printmaking, drawing, sound, sound art, music, transmission art, oscillator building, Max/MSP/Jitter, with a special interest in jazz, the discourse of sound art, and in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze as applied art making and sound studies.

Affiliate and Visiting Faculty

John Torreano, Professor of Arts and Art Professions, NYU New York

Research and Teaching Interests: Teaching drawing, painting, with a particular interest in helping students understand and have aesthetic experiences within their own work. They need to have these experiences in order to understand the difference between art knowledge and cognitive knowledge.

Salwa Mikdadi, Visiting Associate Professor of Art History, NYUAD

Salwa Mikdadi, Associate Professor of Practice of Art History

Research and teaching interests: Global contemporary art with special interest in the Arab world. Gender and politics in art, text and the image, art institutions and museums in the Arab world, support systems in the arts and visitor centered exhibitions.