Get Jobs and Internships

Work-related experiences like jobs and internships bridge the gap between what you learn in class and the world of work. They help you:

  • Clarify your interests and options.
  • Improve your employability.
  • Build a network of professional relationships.
  • Understand workplace culture and expectations.
  • Learn field-specific skills.
  • Shape the applications of classroom knowledge.

Steps to a Successful Search

Questions to Ask

    • What do I like and dislike?
    • What am I good at?
    • Do my likes and dislikes align with the opportunity I am seeking?
    • What is motivating me to pursue this?
    • What are the job prospects?
    • What kind of life can I have with this career?
    • Where do I find these opportunities?
    • How well do I know the organizations that hire for these roles? 
    • How do I best prepare?

Student Work Experience

Use our interactive map to see where in the world our students have completed internships.

An Impressive List

The Class of 2019 held 900+ internships over four years. Here are 100 of the companies and organizations where they worked.