Mentorship Network

Our Mission

The NYUAD Mentorship Network is a student-driven mentoring program overseen by the Career Development Center that pairs students with professionals at organizations in the UAE for an intentional, focused season of mutually beneficial mentorship.

Our Proposition

The Mentorship Network will screen mentee candidates for professionalism, soft skills, and goals. Mentees are asked to clarify what they want to receive from their mentor in advance to facilitate optimal matching. After pairing, mentors and mentees focus on topics ranging from decision making, shifting company culture, and management to more field-specific knowledge.

Our Mentor’s Commitment

  • A desire to guide and orient ambitious students
  • Bi-monthly interactions with the mentee (one hour per month at the minimum)
  • Attend the launching and closing events, and participate in panel discussions and other events as appropriate
  • Nine month-long commitment to supporting the assigned mentee (September–May)
  • Provide feedback on mentoring experience

Our Mentee’s Commitment

  • Being curious and maintaining a learning attitude
  • Bi-monthly interactions with the mentor (one hour per month at the minimum)
  • Attend the launching and closing program events, and other programs as appropriate
  • Nine month-long commitment to the mentor (September–May)
  • Provide feedback on the experience with the program


The Mentorship Program has allowed us to help guide ambitious young minds while simultaneously building meaningful relationships that will last for many years to come.

Mohamed Tarmoom, Senior Project Manager, Mubadala

The Mentorship Program at NYUAD was key for me. I will always appreciate everything my mentors have taught me and their honesty.

Maria Fernandez Flores, Class of 2019; Analyst at VentureSouq

My mentor not only played a vital role in shaping my end goals but also highlighted and enabled the path to get there.

Charles Chansa, Class of 2020; Analyst at Barclays

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