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The Career Development Center (CDC) at NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to helping students and alumni take first and next steps along meaningful career paths.

We provide career advising and access to our online job search and career resources portal. Whether you are looking to advance your career or begin a new job hunt, the NYU Abu Dhabi Career Development is the best place to start.

Video: NYU Abu Dhabi students share their summer internship experiences.

We help get you where you want to go.

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Jobs and Internships

We help you find internships, part-time jobs, and student organizations so you can gain professional experience before you graduate.

Global Awards

Our job is to help you identify your passions, interests, and future paths. We'll work closely with you to identify global awards competitions that will help you achieve your career goals.

Graduate Study


We care about how you get there.

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Events and Programs

We host events that allow you to explore different industries, learn about options, and network with potential employers, right here on campus.



NYU Abu Dhabi alumni are working and studying around the world.

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Video: NYU Abu Dhabi alumni share their experiences in graduate school and on the job.

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Student Stories

Paula Dozsa

Interning for Google made me more confident in my skills and potential as a female in the technology sector. 

Arianna Stucki

I wanted to go somewhere where I would be making theater with people all over the world.

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