The Future Is Personal

NYU Abu Dhabi students come from everywhere, head nearly everywhere, and want to do just about everything, so a one-size-fits all approach just won’t work here. No matter what the goal or destination, the Career Development Center (CDC) advising team has the breadth and depth to help students get there. Students connect with globally minded professional advising staff and speak to peer advisors to help them get started.

A Proactive Approach

CDC advisors work to proactively advise students on key issues and timelines that might impact their future. Such as how to make their CV (resume) more relevant to their home region, or updated deadlines for a particular industry, or a message about a job that is looking for people who speak a particular language. CDC advisors actively support students in what they know is needed, and what might not yet have been considered.

Ask Us Anything

Counselors and advisors are equipped to help you navigate your career: the in-betweenness and uncertainty you may face in your career decisions, self-discovery of your skills and interests, development of your professional skills, preparation for graduate school, exploration of scholarships and prestigious awards, and acclimation to the world of work.

Students can talk to us about anything, but common topics include things like:

  • Exploring possible careers or majors
  • Assessing your interests and skills
  • Designing your future
  • Drafting or upgrading a CV (resume) or cover letter
  • Strategizing your job or internship search
  • Applying for grants and funding
  • Preparing and practicing for interviews
  • Planning how to meet the people you need to know off-campus, and what to say
  • Preparing for and applying to graduate school or global awards
  • Negotiating an offer with an organization
  • Evaluating and comparing organizational fit


The NYUAD career development platform gives you access to search for jobs and internships that are specifically curated for NYUAD students and alumni. You can find templates and tips for your CVs, cover letters, and job search; and access to online resources to help you understand global mobility, connect majors with specific career options, and upgrade your industry knowledge.

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