To ensure that students enroll in the classes most appropriate for them, NYU Abu Dhabi provides several placement assessments. Some are offered prior to the summer mentoring meetings and some occur during Marhaba. All of these assessments are designed to ensure that individual students have a successful start to their academic careers at NYU Abu Dhabi.


Summer Proficiency Assessments

  1. Writing Proficiency Assessment
    Strong writing is an essential skill for all educated people, regardless of their area of academic interest. All entering students must complete a writing exam. The purpose of this is to help determine the appropriate initial NYUAD writing course. All students are required to take a writing-intensive core course, but many will also benefit from an additional semester of writing instruction prior to taking those courses.

    There are several reasons that a student may need an additional semester of writing instruction: he may, for instance, be especially talented in writing short stories, but have less practice in the kinds of analytic, interpretive work he will do in college. Or she may need more time to learn about how the conventions of college writing differ from the writing done in high school. Or the students may see writing as particularly daunting or too much of a struggle and so, need more time engaging and working with that struggle. Or, if English is not a student's primary language for reading and writing, more experience reading and writing in English may be required. This assessment allows NYU Abu Dhabi to identify the optimal starting point for each individual student.

  2. Calculus Readiness Self-Assessment
    Calculus and Calculus with Applications at NYUAD are rigorous, one-semester courses that cover the fundamentals of differentiation and integration, including their applications to solving problems in science, engineering, economics, and political science. A formal assessment is held during Marhaba to determine whether or not a student is fully ready to enroll in one of the two calculus courses. Alternatively, a student may be so prepared that it is best to begin his or her study at NYU Abu Dhabi with Multivariable Calculus.

    To facilitate the course enrollment process that precedes Marhaba, NYUAD has created a Calculus Readiness Self-Assessment to enable students to predict their final formal placement outcome. The self-assessment consists of a set of questions, a solution set, and a rubric for determining the most appropriate placement based on performance. If, for example, the self-assessment indicates that a student should enroll in Mathematical Functions before attempting Calculus, there is a very good chance that the formal placement test will reach the same conclusion. If the actual Marhaba placement differs from the self-assessment, adjustments can be made during the add/drop period.

  3. The Relationship of Government and Religion
    For more than 20 years, NYU President John Sexton has taught a course on the Relationship of Government and Religion. Enrollment in the course is limited and students will be selected for the class based on a brief analytical writing exercise.