Summer Academy

The NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy is an 18-month university preparation program designed to enhance the academic profiles of highly motivated Emirati high school students.

Following a selective admissions process, program participants are designated as recipients of the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarships for Outstanding High School Students, which enrolls them in the Summer Academy.

In this mixed-gender program, students are exposed to a rich cultural and rigorous academic program which enhances their ability to gain admission to and perform well at top-tier universities. The program begins during the summer following Year 10 of high school and continues through the next 18 months, with two intensive summer courses of study in Abu Dhabi. In addition, students participate in online study and academic refresher weekends during the academic year.

NYUAD Summer Academy not only provides our students with the intellectual resources and skill development they require for future success, but also offers them a character-building life experience.

Her Highness Sheikha Mariam bint Mohamed bin Zayed al Nahyan

Program Goals

University Preparation

Students gain the academic, cultural, and social skills necessary for success at top-tier universities. Summer Academy graduates have attended Yale, NYU New York, NYU Abu Dhabi, Princeton, United Arab Emirates University, The London School of Economics, George Washington University, King’s College London, The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and many others.

Academic Preparation

We introduce students to accelerated study of mathematics, critical thinking and writing, the humanities and to the value of a liberal arts education.

Cultural Awareness

Students develop their understanding of the social and cultural norms of universities and build useful intercultural competencies for success in university.

Test Preparation

We prepare students to excel on the standardized tests necessary for university entry.

Leadership and Public Speaking Skills

With Leadership and Public Speaking as a required course in the Summer Academy,  our program spurs confidence, personal growth, maturity, leadership skills.

Social Networking

We bring together top students from across the UAE who form a supportive and challenging social network among themselves and with Summer Academy alumni who have gone on to university study, graduate school, professions, and leadership careers.