Engineers for Social Impact

Engineers for Social Impact supports and complements the mission of the Engineering Division and the broad goals of NYU Abu Dhabi through courses that emphasize experiential learning and projects that develop globally-relevant, locally-sustainable designs to meet challenges and deliver on opportunities that enable individuals across global communities to more effectively realize their aspirations and ambitions.

By engaging with the study of ethics in the classroom and ethnographic fieldwork off-campus, all first-year engineering students expand their comfort zones to work from the vantage points of broader mindfulness of social, cultural, and economic aspects that are inextricably connected to technology-driven solutions in today’s hyper-connected world.

Students may optionally enroll in a second, project-driven course focusing on the process of co-designing meaningful innovations, projects, and products with members of a selected community. Throughout all fieldwork, the goal is to connect with the people, sights, sounds, experiences, and stories that are only accessible outside the classroom and bring new understanding to bear on the ways to address a wide range of issues and challenges in the courses and beyond.

Engineers for Social Impact in Jordan

NYU Abu Dhabi students traveled to Jordan to help build a sustainable home for a local family, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.