Facilities and Asset Management

Campus Facility Operations supports NYU Abu Dhabi’s teaching, scholarship, and community life goals through the sustainable planning, operation, and renewal of the physical environment of the university. NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to assisting every member of the NYU Abu Dhabi community to achieve their individual and organizational goals.

Campus Facility Operations is fully committed to customer service and devoted to promoting a respectful, healthy, and safe environment to discover, teach, learn, study, live, work, and play, closely upholding and aligning our services with NYU Abu Dhabi values, principles, and overall mission. In support of this mission, we strive:

  • to improve customer service by fostering a spirit of teamwork, engagement, collaboration, respect, and open communications from and with all stakeholders;
  • to operate and maintain the superb academic, residential, and recreational assets, entrusted to us by our government partner, to a standard that reflects the emphasis on safety and excellence in all areas of the University;
  • to be proactive and responsive to all members of our community, enabling them to flourish in their academic pursuits; and
  • to continually improve and deliver upon our critical campus services that enhance efficient and effective living and working environments for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Key People

Kulvinder Singh

Director, Facilities Management