Academic and housing accommodations for students at all NYU sites are approved after an analysis of the student’s documented disability-related needs, the University’s programs and curriculum and legal obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 

NYU Moses Center for Student Accessibility (CSA)

NYU Abu Dhabi encourages students to participate fully in all aspects of life here. In support of this goal, we work closely with NYU Moses Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) in New York to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are adjustments to policies, practices, or procedures that facilitate equal access for students with disabilities to NYUAD's programs, activities, and services.

Students qualify as persons with disabilities if their diagnosed physical, learning, or psychological impairments limit them in one or more major life activity.

No Impact on Admission Decision

There is no special application process for students with disabilities applying to NYU, although a student may voluntarily disclose their disability during the admissions process. Please understand that your disability has no impact on the admissions decision.

Accessibility at NYU's Global Campuses and Study Away Locations

As there are many study away locations throughout our global campuses, we work with Moses Center to help guide students prior to selecting a program. Disability specialists will discuss reasonable accommodations with students available at their locations of interest and a plan is developed accordingly. All students accepted to study away programs who are requesting reasonable academic accommodations must be registered with the Moses Center.

  • Students who qualify for services must have a disability that substantially limits a major life activity. To register for services with the Moses Center, a student is encouraged to provide current documentation of a disability, if available. Documentation should include a specific diagnosis and be completed by a qualified licensed professional. If you feel you have a disability, but do not have any current documentation, you should still contact and/or register with the Moses Center for assistance.


Learn more about applying for academic accessibility.


Learn more about applying for accessible housing. 

Aisha Al Naqbi, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Campus Life Initiatives
Phone: +971-2-628-7341

Contact Us

The NYUAD liaison for the Moses Center and the Director of the NYU Moses Center are available to advise students about NYUAD's policy, procedures, and resources, as well as to oversee compliance with approved accommodations. We are also happy to discuss what constitutes a disability and meet with students to discuss options if they believe they would qualify for accommodations. Any information provided by a student is voluntary and will be kept confidential.

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