Laboratories and Operations

The Department of Laboratory Operations and Maintenance (Lab Ops) provides a range of services to the research community that enable research and teaching.  Key services include:

  1. Laboratory Design and Fit-out.
  2. Research Materials Acquisition (procurement).
  3. Research Logistics and Permits for Importing, exporting, use, etc.
  4. Research and Chemical store containing key supplies, chemicals and biologicals.
  5. Research Visualization.
  6. Animal Care facilities.
  7. Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication.
  8. Electronics design and fabrication.
  9. Day-to-day operational support including house gases, lab cleaning, equipment service, etc.

Lab Ops acts as advocates on behalf of the faculty, researchers and students on matters that are operational in nature but are intertwined with the academic mission. Lab Ops provides support for research and teaching to all of NYUAD labs and divisions.

Michael Davis
Senior Director, Laboratory Operations and Maintenance

Dr. Michael Davis joined NYU Abu Dhabi in 2009 and was instrumental in the design and construction of the temporary labs in Mussafah and the campus on Saadiyat Island.  Dr. Davis led the Laboratory Operations team through the fit out, setup and operation of the labs at the temporary campus in Mussafah, the shifting of the labs to the Saadiyat campus, and the setup of all research labs, teaching labs, specialist research facilities, core labs and the Performing Arts spaces across the NYUAD campus.  Dr. Davis currently leads a team of approximately 60 staff that provide day to day operational support for the research and teaching labs in Science, Engineering and the Performing Arts.

Dr. Davis holds a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Dwight Look College of Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station Texas specializing in Thermal Fluids with several years of teaching heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics and has conducted about $2M of externally sponsored research.  Dr. Davis is a member of ASHRAE and was awarded the ASHRAE Crosby Field Award for best technical paper published in 2011 and again in 2012 and he has received four ASHRAE Best Technical Paper Awards.

In addition to his administrative duties, he is active in advanced manufacturing research with a focus on Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.

Key People

Jumaanah Elhashemi

Assistant Director, Research Visualization and Fabrication Services

Fatin Qamash

Veterinary Facility Supervisor and NYUAD Veterinarian, Specialist Research Labs