Core Technology Platforms

NYU Abu Dhabi has dedicated significant resources to developing one of the premier science and engineering research laboratories in the region. An integral component of the laboratories are the Core Technology Platforms, which are shared facilities that support research activities across disciplines. 

A  team of outstanding Core Labs scientists provides scientific and technical support to the researchers, maintains and upgrades the equipment, and defines standards for operational performance.

The Core Technology Platforms are hubs for interdisciplinary research and have been supporting national and internal research collaborations.

Reza Rowshan
Executive Director, Core Technology Platforms Operations

Dr. Reza Rowshan is one of the pioneers in setting up NYU Abu Dhabi’s teaching and research laboratories in 2010 and establishing the Core Technology Platforms in 2013. Dr. Rowshan is leading the operations of twelve diverse state-of-the-art core platforms. He and the team are dedicated to providing progressive technologies, expertise, and infrastructure to the research community.

Dr. Rowshan holds a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miskolc in Hungary, specialized in Materials Science with several years of teaching, research, student mentoring, and leadership experience in higher educational institutes.

Besides his administrative responsibilities, he is active in Materials Science research with strong publication records.