Office of the Provost

As NYU Abu Dhabi's chief academic officer, the Provost is responsible for setting the institution's academic strategy and priorities, overseeing academic appointments and faculty affairs. The Provost supervises deans and directors of institutes and all academic support units, and with their assistance cultivates areas of excellence and enhances collaboration within and between them. The Provost also allocates financial resources according to academic priorities, in cooperation with NYU Abu Dhabi's financial officers.

Fabio Piano


Long before his appointment as provost, Fabio Piano was instrumental in developing and advancing NYUAD, helping to craft its innovative undergraduate science curriculum, as well as its distinctive research program. Dr. Piano is the director of NYU’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology in New York.

Dr. Piano leads an active research program in genomics and systems biology and has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels at NYU New York. Prior to serving as a faculty member in Biology at NYU, Dr. Piano was a Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow at Cornell University, where he studied early embryo development and evolutionary biology.

Dr. Piano holds a Laurea from the University of Florence and a PhD in Biology from NYU, where he also received his BA, MS, and M.Phil.

Key People

Sehamuddin Galadari

Senior Vice Provost of Research; Managing Director, Research Institute; Professor of Biology

Carol Brandt

Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Education and Outreach

Chuck Grim

Vice Provost, Institutional Research, Assessment, and Academic Affairs

Nada Messaikeh

Associate Vice Provost, Research Administration and Financial Planning

Sunil Kumar

Interim Vice Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs

Ron Berry

Senior Library Director and Director, Academic Technology