Trent Haydon

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BSc University of Technology Sydney; BSc (Hons) University of Technology Sydney; PhD University of Technology Sydney

Research Areas: Microbial Ecology, Microbiology, Coral Biology

Trent Haydon is a microbial ecologist interested in understanding the community dynamics and functionality of the key microbes associated with host organisms (e.g., corals). His PhD at the University of Technology Sydney documented the influence of extreme environments on the important microbial symbionts of tropical reef corals.

At NYUAD-CGSB, his research focuses on uncovering the mechanisms supporting the high thermal tolerance adaptation of Arabian Gulf corals. Specifically, he is interested in identifying the microbial players that contribute to coral resilience by applying modern molecular techniques to characterize changes in microbial functional roles across thermally benign and thermally extreme environments. In addition, he is also conducting analyses on the chemical signatures produced by corals and their associated microbes, which may be key to coral survival in the Gulf. Identifying the microbial players and molecular mechanisms contributing to coral resilience against climate change may have a strong influence on future scientific and governmental strategies to preserve coral reefs.