My Internship

"I have always wanted to be a part of the projects that push humanity’s intellectual capabilities"

Internships are one of the best ways to gain experience, explore industries and companies, and discover your own career path.

Connie Trinh

Instead of working with big investment banks, I'm working with small businesses. It's very rewarding.


Daniel Carelli

I spent my summer interning for a private aerospace manufacturer and space transport company.

Avionics Test Engineer

Julia Saubier

I worked with producers and continuity departments of a stop-motion animation by Wes Anderson. 

Film Production

Krishna Gaire

Wanting to gain experience in data science, I decided to email the CEO to see if I could get a summer internship in Dubai.

Data Science Intern

Nicolaj Thor

I have an interest in strategy and public policy and the experience empowers me to lead projects on my own. 

Consulting Associate
Whiteshield Partners

Paula Dozsa

Interning for Google made me more confident in my skills and potential as a female in the technology sector. 

Software Engineer

Rene Kukk

Interning in the financial sector in the UAE gives me an idea of how working and living in the UAE might be after graduation. 

Citi Dubai

Sophie Arni

I was able to hone my research, improve my writing skills, and build relationships with arts professionals.

Auction House Intern

Willem Cant

This internship has given me tremendous exposure and it really allowed me to reflect on my place in this world.

Grant Manager
Youth Crime Watch Libera

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