My Internship

Internships are one of the best ways to gain experience, explore industries and companies, and discover your own career path.

Get Ready for Life After Graduation

In this video, students Ivy, Sara, and Sergei talk about their internships at companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Get Meaningful Experience

In this video, students Luis, Artem, and Gaurav talk about what internships can teach students about themselves and the workplace.

NYU Abu Dhabi Internship Stories

Bloom Like a Flower

I am committed to work with underprivileged school children back home in Nepal.

Keeping Busy This Summer

A time difference of three hours and fifteen minutes between Japan and Nepal did not deter Koki Ajiri from taking on his summer internship.


Helping with Nature Conservation

My role is to help support the planning of outreach activities and come up with plans for their Connect with Nature program. 

Emirates Nature in association with World Wide Fund for Nature

Malak Abdul Ghaffar

I am now more motivated than ever to push myself out of my comfort zone and try out different fields of interests.

Restless Books

Tiril Rahn

NYUAD has prepared me for this internship by exposing me to different cultures, places and experiences.

UK Mission to the United Nations, New York

Dhruvi Joshi

This exposure has allowed me to evaluate my preferred industry to work in from a more informed standpoint.

New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Charles Chansa

My internship was very intense and consisted of high stakes and time-sensitive engagements. I was exposed to an array of learning skills that I didn’t even know I had.


Keita Dicmane

This experience has taught me many lessons, one of the main ones being to trust myself and my abilities.

Permanent Mission of Latvia to the United Nations, New York

Ivy Akinyi

If you want to get your foot in the door, then you have to be proactive and you have to be smart.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi

Artem Misiurenko

It's really nice to get exposure to all parts of the business. It's not just finance. There isn't one day which is similar to another.

Emaar Properties Dubai

Sara Alkaabi

This is a great opportunity to grow as an individual and develop your skills.

Imkan Abu Dhabi

Gaurav Dewani

The biggest takeaway was just getting to know your employers as well as you can.


Ingie Baho

My internship experience allowed me to gain more confidence in myself and my abilities within this specific career path.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Connie Trinh

Instead of working with big investment banks, I'm working with small businesses. It's very rewarding.


Daniel Carelli

I spent my summer interning for a private aerospace manufacturer and space transport company.


Paula Dozsa

Interning for Google made me more confident in my skills and potential as a female in the technology sector. 


Nicolaj Thor

I have an interest in strategy and public policy and the experience empowers me to lead projects on my own. 

Whiteshield Partners

Julia Saubier

I worked with producers and continuity departments of a stop-motion animation by Wes Anderson. 

Film Production Intern

Krishna Gaire

Wanting to gain experience in data science, I decided to email the CEO to see if I could get a summer internship in Dubai.


Rene Kukk

Interning in the financial sector in the UAE gives me an idea of how working and living in the UAE might be after graduation. 

Citi Dubai

Sophie Arni

I was able to hone my research, improve my writing skills, and build relationships with arts professionals.

Christie's Auction House

Willem Cant

This internship has given me tremendous exposure and it really allowed me to reflect on my place in this world.

Youth Crime Watch Libera

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