Program Highlights

Congratulations to the inaugural NYU Abu Dhabi’s Post-Graduation Research Fellows, who were selected from a pool of strong applicants through a highly competitive process. Each fellow came to the program with a unique academic interest. Many went above and beyond by attending conferences, giving lectures, and collaborating with UAE-based organizations. Our fellows also gave back to their community by providing research support, guidance and mentorship to fellow undergraduates. As a result of COVID-19, the fellows faced unexpected challenges. Some had to halt their original plans, while others had to consider alternative ways of addressing their project. Despite this, they were able to achieve great heights as highlighted below:

Alex Burlin presenting a paper on The EU-Jordan Compact as a Global Paradigm as part of “Origins Future” Conference in HTW Berlin in November 2020.

Alexander C. Burlin

Alexander Burlin studied refugee law and policy in Jordan. An early draft of his report on Refugee Protection in Jordan was used by local researchers and NGO practitioners. He published five articles and was invited to present his work as a guest lecturer in a number of conferences and events in the region. Alexander was accepted to pursue an MSc at Oxford or SOAS in Migration and Refugee Studies.

Lina Elmusa

Lina Elmusa followed her interests in women’s studies and translation and completed the translation of Sahar Khalifieh’s The Sunflower. When she completes the editing, Lina is planning on publishing the novel.

Tami Gjorgjieva and mentor Professor Youssef Idaghdour at the American Society of Human Genetics 2019 conference in Houston, TX, USA.

Tami Gjorgjieva

Tami Gjorgjieva researched the Intersection between Population Genetics and ELSI (ethical, legal and social implications of genetics). Inspired by the events of COVID-19, she worked alongside her PI Youssef Idaghdour on a number of biomedical projects to study various aspects of the COVID-19 disease. Many of these projects are in collaboration with local partners such as Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (CCAD), SEHA and G42. Tami attained a Pre-doctoral Research Assistant at Harvard/Geisinger/National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

My future opportunity as a pre-doctoral RA for the SSGAC, which is an incredibly competitive position, would have been unattainable if it weren’t for this fellowship… this fellowship encourages ingenuity in research pursuit.

Tami Gjorgjieva, Class of 2020
Steffen Holter's Post-Graduation Research Fellowship project worked with drone swarms that could impact search-and-rescue, security, and defense.

Steffen Holter

Steffen Holter, whose initial plan was impacted by the limited access to the Robotics lab, used his time to focus on more theoretical aspects of his project and submitted a journal article about the Feature Extraction and Data Visualization he started during his Capstone project. Stephen is planning to pursue a Master’s program in Computing at Imperial College London.

Hannah Melville-Rea attends the Youth Circle at the World Green Economy Summit to discuss sustainable development in the region and the role of young people, alongside Dr. Thani, Minister of Climate Change and Environment (far right).

Hannah Melville-Rea

Hannah Melville-Rea research project "How Drought Shapes Political Engagement" led to interesting findings indicating that protest voting increased in areas affected by drought in the form of increased support for minor parties and incomplete ballots on election day. She won the ASQPS Student Paper Prize at the 2019 Australian Society for Quantitative Political Science Conference. She was also selected as a UAE Ambassador for Nature, and presented at a number of events and conferences, within and outside of NYUAD.

Raitis Pekuss

Raitis Pekuss researched the 3D printing of concrete and explored its application in the UAE construction sector. His work will culminate in printing 10 two-meter tall concrete pillars of increasing geometric complexity which will be displayed on campus as a tribute to NYUAD’s 10-year anniversary. Raitis is planning to pursue a Master’s in Civil Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Netherlands.

Nadine Soliman

Nadine Soliman studied the effect of supermassive black holes on galaxy formation. Despite several challenges faced during the debugging process and in incorporating her code within the large-scale simulations code, Nadine finalized an optimal set of parameters and finished running five sets of simulations to be used as preliminary results for upcoming publications that match theoretical predictions. Nadine will begin Astrophysics PhD program at Caltech in the fall.

This fellowship enabled me to take higher responsibilities in research leadership and student mentorship. The independent work helped me grow as a self-driven scholar, which will prepare me to tackle academic and clinical research as a doctor.

Alvaro Yanez, Class of 2020

Alvaro Yanez

Alvaro Yanez investigated the interaction between stress and sleep/wake cycles. His work enabled the laboratory to develop educational curricula for underclassmen volunteering in the lab, as well as senior capstone students. It also provided essential computational pipelines for data validation, quality assessment, and correction developed for the first time in the branch of the lab. Alvaro has been accepted to study medicine at the University of Manchester.

2019-2020 Post-Graduation Research Fellowship Projects

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