Apply for Global Awards

What Are Global Awards?

Global awards are highly-competitive, merit-based opportunities that are conducted at a national or international level. Some of the best-known global awards include the Rhodes ScholarshipFulbright Scholarship, and Gates-Cambridge Scholarship. Some awards, like those three, fund further study after your NYU Abu Dhabi education.

There are others, like the Dalai Lama FellowsFuture Global Leaders Fellowship, and Clinton Global Initiative - University, that are more experiential in nature, and which accept applications from students while they are enrolled at NYUAD.

Our goal at NYUAD is to help you identify your passions, interests, and future paths, and then work closely with you to identify global awards competitions that will help you pursue those goals.

What Kind of Support Does NYUAD Offer for Students?

We offer an active, hands-on, individualized approach to advising our students and alumni who are applying for global awards. We maintain a roster of about 40 awards for which we actively recruit, reaching out to currently-enrolled students who we think might be a good fit for the criteria each foundation has set out.

Then, we work one on one with those students to determine whether a given award is right for them, and then help them at every stage of the application process.

NYUAD is the only school in the region with a full-time staff member dedicated exclusively to helping candidates prepare their global awards applications. NYUAD is also a member of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors in the USA, and actively contributes to and participates in international conversations around global awards advising, in order to constantly stay on top of the latest information and news around this topic.

  • The most obvious reason to apply for a global award is because you are interested in the opportunity offered by the funding organization, and you want to participate in their program.  However, because there are many more highly-qualified applicants for these programs than there are positions available, and selection processes are necessarily subjective in nature, students should mostly focus on the benefits of the application process as the mean reason for applying.

Online Resources

Here are a few excellent databases that you can review in order to look for some global awards that might be a good fit for you, your interests, your skills, and what you are looking to do next: