Markets, Organizations and Decisions (MOD)

Mathematical modeling of human behavior and economic, social and political phenomena, with a special focus on markets, networks, organizations, and strategic decision making.



Cluster Faculty and Researchers

Olivier Bochet

Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, Associate Professor of Economics, Co-Principal Investigator of Center for Behavioral Institutional Design (C-BID)

Jemima Frimpong

Program Head of Business, Organizations & Society, Associate Professor of SRPP & BOS

Samreen Malik

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Associate Professor of Economics

Maximilian Mihm

Associate Program Head of Economics, Associate Professor of Economics

John Wooders

Professor of Economics, Director of Social Science Experimental Lab (SSEL), Co-Director of Center for Behavioral Institutional Design (C-BID)

Alexander Travis Barron

Post Doctoral Associate

Sumit Goel

Post Doctoral Associate

Cem Peker

Post Doctoral Associate

Samir Sweida-Metwally

Post Doctoral Associate

Contact Us

For inquiries, please reach out to MOD Cluster Director Herve Cres.