Global Hub for Social Scientists

NYU Abu Dhabi's unique location in the Middle East makes it an ideal headquarters for social scientists working to better understand complex global societies, both past and present. Our faculty are working on fieldwork projects throughout the region on topics ranging from religious mobilization in Turkey to political systems in Afghanistan, and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa.


Telling people in my field sites that I live in Abu Dhabi deepens my access and collaborations. I think this is because they see that I am committed to studying and understanding this region and, as a result, become more willing to work with me.

Assistant Professor of Sociology Daniel Karell

Social Science Labs

As complex social problems facing human societies evade the grasp of any individual discipline, they are more efficiently addressed through interdisciplinary approaches. Social Science at NYU Abu Dhabi is an integrated research unit of centers, labs, and projects.

FieldLab DRC

FieldlabDRC is a not for profit, which aims to help researchers do research in the Congo, and strengthen local research capacities.

Ideas of India

A website curated by Rahul Sagar seeks to further the study of modern Indian political thought by drawing attention to the vibrant public sphere that took shape in the century prior to independence.


Research and Empirical Analysis of Labor Migration aims improve our understanding of the structures and dynamics implicated in recruitment for temporary work, ranging from individual motivations and expectations, to the broader dynamics of labor supply and demand.

Re-Counting the Past

Distinguished Global Professor Robert Allen is leading an historic data collection project to better understand the economic history of the Middle East.

Research Group in Network Science

An interdisciplinary group of faculty and researchers focusing on questions in which network dynamics and relational processes are at the heart of the analysis.

Social Science Experimental Lab

An interdisciplinary center where experimental research in the social science is conducted by NYU Abu Dhabi faculty and students.


WGAPE is an international forum for academic researchers who combine deep field research experience in Africa with training in political economy methods.

Abu Dhabi is an exciting place to be a social scientist. It feels as if the whole world collides here.

Economist Morgan Hardy

NYUAD Institute Centers

Global TIES for Children

Global TIES for Children designs, evaluates, and advises on programs and policies to improve the lives of children and youth in the most vulnerable regions across the globe.


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