Health and Demography

Health and Demography reaserches social, economic, and policy determinants of health across the globe; health economics and policies; family formation and fertility; forecasting national population size based on trends in fertility, mortality, and migration.



Cluster Faculty and Researchers

Jemima Frimpong

Program Head of Business, Organizations & Society, Associate Professor of SRPP & BOS

Sabino Kornrich

Associate Dean of Postdoctoral Programs and Research, Associate Professor of Social Research and Public Policy

Samreen Malik

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Associate Professor of Economics

Luca Maria Pesando

Associate Program Head of Social Research and Public Policy, Associate Professor of Social Research and Public Policy

Sumit Goel

Post Doctoral Associate

Hanbo Wu

Post Doctoral Associate

Contact Us

For inquiries, please reach out to Health and Demography Cluster Director Stephane Helleringer.