The research program in biology is highly diverse, drawing its strength from interdisciplinary and collaborative faculty driven programs. Our research strengths span a wide range of topics at all levels of biological organization - from molecules to cells and organisms to ecosystems -  utilizing state-of-the art experimental methodologies. Discoveries from NYUAD's biology research teams have broad implications for understanding the fundamental properties of biological systems, complex diseases, behavior, and environmental issues.

  • Understanding the origins and mechanisms of diseases, and advancing approaches to treating them, is a central focus of research in biology. Biomedical research at NYUAD aims to improve human health; by understanding the molecular processes and environmental factors causing disease, and developing preventive and therapeutic strategies. Research programs in biomedical research include:

    • Mechanisms of mood disorders
    • Relationship between circadian-rhythms, sleep-wake cycle and mood disorders
    • Drug delivery in cancer
    • Cellular basis of fatty liver disease
    • Cancer biology
    • Molecular networks regulating programmed cell death
    • Cancer killing function of tumor suppressor lipids
    • Mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions in malaria
    • Medical genomics of cardio-metabolic diseases
    • Regenerative and stem cell biology

    Principal Investigators

    Youssef Idaghdour

    Research Areas:
    Population and Medical Genomics, Gene-Environment Interactions

    Kenichiro Kamei

    Research Areas:
    Stem Cell Biology; Organs-on-a-Chip; Nano/microtechnology; Drug discovery; Regenerative Medicine

    Mazin Magzoub

    Research Areas:
    Delivery of Antitumor Agents and Therapeutics for Amyloid Diseases

    Research Institute Centers

    Center for Brain and Health

    The Center draws on existing strengths in the domains of Cognition, Health, and Data Science from NYUAD, the UAE, and NYU’s Global Network University (GNU). 

    Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

    Providing a nexus for cutting-edge life sciences research in the UAE, with world-class facilities and resources to promote innovative advances in genomics and systems biology.