The research program in biology is highly diverse, drawing its strength from interdisciplinary and collaborative faculty driven programs. Our research strengths span a wide range of topics at all levels of biological organization - from molecules to cells and organisms to ecosystems -  utilizing state-of-the art experimental methodologies. Discoveries from NYUAD's biology research teams have broad implications for understanding the fundamental properties of biological systems, complex diseases, behavior, and environmental issues.

  • Understanding the origins and mechanisms of diseases, and advancing approaches to treating them, is a central focus of research in biology. Biomedical research at NYUAD aims to improve human health; by understanding the molecular processes and environmental factors causing disease, and developing preventive and therapeutic strategies. Research programs in biomedical research include:

    • Mechanisms of mood disorders
    • Relationship between circadian-rhythms, sleep-wake cycle and mood disorders
    • Drug delivery in cancer
    • Cellular basis of fatty liver disease
    • Cancer biology
    • Molecular networks regulating programmed cell death
    • Cancer killing function of tumor suppressor lipids
    • Mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions in malaria
    • Medical genomics of cardio-metabolic diseases
    • Regenerative and stem cell biology

    Principal Investigators

    Mazin Magzoub

    Research Areas:
    Delivery of Antitumor Agents and Therapeutics for Amyloid Diseases

    Youssef Idaghdour

    Research Areas:
    Population and Medical Genomics, Gene-Environment Interactions

    Research Institute Centers