Jack B. Du

Associate Arts Instructor of Interactive Media Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS New York University Shanghai

Research Areas: algorithmic art, robotic art, interactive art

Jack B. Du is an artist, researcher, and teacher interested in creating images, videos, and interactive experiences with code. He is particularly drawn to creating visuals that appear pixelated and ambiguous. The uncertainty and unexpectedness in such visuals have a special appeal to him. He also develops custom software and hardware tools for his artistic practice when they do not exist. For instance, he built Minus E, an award-winning robotic system that creates large-scale representational drawings with scribbles, and Mandarinizer, an experimental camera app that captures pictures in a pixel-art format consisting of Mandarin Chinese characters. His most recent research invovles the daily publications of coding experiments on Instagram, through which he explores the novel possibilities of code as a creative medium.

Jack received his BS in Computer Science and Interactive Media Arts from New York University Shanghai. He is keen in teaching. He has taught workshops in topics such as web development and creative coding.