Suphan Kirmizialtin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD University of Texas, Austin

Research Areas: Modern Middle East, Late Ottoman Empire, Gender Studies, Digital Humanities

Suphan Kirmizialtin is a historian of the Ottoman Middle East. She received her PhD in History from the University of Texas, Austin where she subsequently worked as a lecturer at the Department of Middle Eastern Studies. Her research interests center around the intersection of gender and modernization in the Middle East within the specific context of the Ottoman modernization project. She also studies the emergence of women’s print media in Ottoman lands and its contribution to the creation of a civil public space in the Empire.

Her current research focuses on the text recognition and textual analysis of historical archives as well as digital crowdsourcing projects in cultural heritage. Her most recent study on the HTR applications for Ottoman Turkish entails the automated transcription of Ottoman Turkish print texts to modern Turkish. She applies the same technology to British Indian Office documents with the goal of preparing this corpus for higher-order text analysis.


Courses Taught