Michael Shiloh

Program Head, Interactive Media; Associate Professor of Practice of Interactive Media Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS, University of California, Berkeley

Research Areas: participatory installations, machine art, conceptual furniture

Michael Shiloh is an artist, engineer, and educator who creates electro-mechanical and conceptual pieces that often require audience participation, such as constructing, programming, or making decisions regarding robot rights and responsibilities.

Michael is interested in exploring our relationships with technology (Human-Robot Interaction; robot rights; maintainability; unintended uses of technology; who is included/excluded from using/designing/repairing technology), our relationships with each other around technology, initiating projects the outcomes of which he doesn't know, relational aesthetics/system art, and building stuff, especially using discarded or salvaged mechanisms.

Michael has exhibited, spoken, or taught at the Exploratorium (San Francisco), Imperial College (London), MIT (Boston), Bloomfield Science Museum (Jerusalem), TsingHua University (Beijing), many galleries in San Francisco, and at Maker Faires in San Francisco, New York, Jerusalem, Shenzhen and Chengdu (China) and many conferences worldwide. He collaborates with machine performance group Survival Research Labs and with them has performed across the USA as well as in Tokyo and Amsterdam.

Michael is currently a professor of Interactive Media at New York University Abu Dhabi, where he teaches students how to work with electronics, programming, and physical materials to create artwork. Michael is the co-author, along with Massimo Banzi, of the third and fourth editions of “Getting Started with Arduino”.

Courses Taught