Mark Jenkinson

Associate Arts Professor Affiliation: NYU New York
Education: BFA The Cooper Union

Research Areas: Art, Art History

Assistant Arts Professor Mark Jenkinson is a graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science (1978), and also studied at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY.

He has been a working professional photographer for the last 40 years. He has photographed hundreds of feature stories on a vast array of subjects including fashion, celebrity portraiture, sports, business, travel, architecture and automobiles. Publications include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Fortune, GQ, Town and Country, Men’s Journal, The New York Times, etc.. He has also published three text books on photography techniques and practices: Photography Essentials, The Portrait Photography Course, and Careers in Photography: Finding your True Path. His personal photography (research) projects include a 30-year documentation on the evolution of Las Vegas as an urban phenomenon, a 15 year project examining Capital Punishment in the United States as well as other smaller projects on color interaction. He has a life long interest in theoretical physics and is currently researching how evolving theories in the history of science have influenced the history of art.

In addition to his professional career, Professor Jenkinson has been teaching at the NYU Department of Photography and Imaging in various capacities for over 35 years.

Courses Taught