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NYUAD Arts and Humanities faculty and researchers are frequently featured in the local and international media.

Why Is Dubai Constantly Glamorized in the Media?”
Dubai is often glamorized in the media, portrayed as an isolated tourist destination full of rich people and material wonders. However, Dubai is a city that is more than money. Its primary source of income is not oil and not everyone here is rich. The city is the most cosmopolitan in the world with people from various backgrounds and classes who have their own stories to tell.
The Michigan Daily | 17 July 2022

“Coming to a Movie Theater Near You: Dubai Destroyed, Again”
The coming film Geostorm marks just the latest movie in which Western filmmakers put the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates in their crosshairs. The UAE offers an attractive, tax-free shooting environment and Dubai’s futuristic, skyscraper-studded skyline as a backdrop. But amid all the computer-generated destruction, viewers are offered only rare glimpses of Emiratis, and learn little about the country or the surrounding region.
Associated Press | 13 October 2021

Binge Watching Tiger King and Perfecting Dalgona
Within the distraction of these viral trends, Dale Hudson and co-author Patricia R. Zimmermann locate participatory media that aims to disseminate accurate and accessible information on public health as an urgent and necessary intervention to fill in the gaps left by big media that focuses on the scale of countries rather than communities.
Manara 1 | spring 2021

Black Pain and Punishment at the Oscars
The Academy announced a ten-year ban on Will Smith from attending its events after Smith slapped Chris Rock during a live telecast of the 2022 Oscar’s ceremony. 
Counter Punch | April 15, 2022

Study Film from a Transnational Curriculum at NYUAD
A groundbreaking transnational curriculum, a multidisciplinary approach and a richly international student body makes New York University Abu Dhabi’s Film and New Media program an especially attractive option for students interested in studying or making films. 
BrainGain Magazine | July 8, 2018