Integrated Solutions Group (ISG)

NYUAD ISG’s mission is to develop and support seamless end-to-end institutionally driven solutions for our academic and administrative units, who rely heavily on process improvement and technology to fulfill their own services.  

NYUAD ISG, through high integration with NYU ISG, provides a thoughtfully designed and executed full stack delivery mechanism to ensure people, processes, technology and information are optimized.

ISG is a business partner in supporting real-time access to data and analytics, to integrate foundationally supported yet flexible business products to meet end user needs, and most importantly, in creating a continuous improvements model that supports academic growth through high quality, consistent and neutral resources delivery.

Leader Profile

Theodore (Ted) Lee

Senior Director, Integrated Solutions Group

Key People

Beverley Noble

Associate Director, Reporting and Data Analytics Enablement

Reuben Anandakrishnan

Associate Director, Business Analysis

Iakovos (Jacob) Bikakis

Assistant Director, Project Management