Learning About Emotions, Experiences, and Parenting (LEEP)


  • Professor Christin Camia, Zayed University Abu Dhabi

Project Summary

Developing social-emotional competencies in early childhood is critical for children's later success. The family environment is an important social context for children to learn social-emotional skills. Exploring family dynamics, such as parent-child interactions, helps researchers understand which parental behaviors support healthy regulatory systems. To date, most research exploring family dynamics involved samples from the United States, Western European and East Asian countries. Little is known about developmental processes and mechanisms in families with an Arab cultural background. In pursuit of exploring cross-cultural variations in developmental psychology, our lab utilizes an interdisciplinary mixed-methods approach to learn about the various factors that promote social-emotional competencies in early childhood. Using a psychophysiological approach to research, we get "under the skin" to identify regulatory functioning variations and how these are associated with particular family processes.

NYUAD Play Lab Visit (Arabic)

NYUAD Play Lab Visit (English)