Investigating the Impact of a Reading Intervention on Parental and Early Childhood Outcomes on Syrian Refugee Families


  • Professor Selcuk Sirin, New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
  • Professor Rana Dajani, Founder and Director of We Love Reading

Project Summary

This project proposes to explore the effect of a parental reading intervention on both parent and child outcomes, using various measures of key processes related to child developmental outcomes. Book-sharing activities between the parent and the child are critical predictors of academic success in early childhood education. However, reading activities are not given much value or attention in the home. Furthermore, the lack of materials and effort given to reading exacerbates the academic gap between children who read at home before kindergarten and children who do not. This research will add to the limited research that examines the impact of an at-home parental reading intervention as a predictor of parental outcomes (i.e., parent stress, beliefs, and goals about reading) and early childhood academic outcomes (i.e., academic readiness, executive function, and social-emotional skills).