Sequencing Core

The Sequencing Core has been active since the summer of 2012. Established and managed by the CGSB through February 2018, it has now become one of the NYUAD Core Technology Platforms.

The Sequencing Core enables researchers to rapidly collect large amounts of data on DNA and RNA sequences and supports a wide range of sequencing applications through its four available sequencing platforms, including an ultra-high capacity NovaSeq 6000. Researchers are using this technology to sequence samples from humans, model organisms, and non-model organisms to characterize their genomes (DNA), transcriptomes (RNA), and genetic diversity in populations (sequence variants). Other applications include investigating interactions between proteins and nucleic acids (e.g., using ChIP-seq or PAR-CLIP) and analyzing samples collected from the environment (metagenomics).

The CGSB Core Bioinformatics team provides data analysis for a variety of experiments, including bulk and single-cell RNA-seq, metagenomics, variant detection, de novo genome assembly, CHiP-seq, ATAC-seq, RIP-seq, and more.