High-throughput Screening Core

The Chemical and Functional Genomics Lab has established an integrated screening platform with advanced laboratory automation technology for cell-based and whole organism (e.g. microbial, worm and zebrafish) assays that is managed in collaboration with the NYUAD CTP.

The High-Throughput Screening Platform allows researchers to rapidly automate chemical and biological processes. This platform is optimized to carry out most of the steps involved in high-throughput screening of small molecule or genomic (e.g., RNAi, CRISPR) libraries. These steps include mixing reagents with cells or whole organisms, sample incubation in controlled environments, and high-content imaging at multiple levels of magnification in both bright-field and multi-channel fluorescence modes.

The HTP is capable of performing a variety of processes such as liquid handling, imaging, incubation, labeling, shaking, sealing and can be adaptable to any new process required by adding a new equipment and integrating it with the rest of the automated system.  

The users of this platform are currently focusing on screening large libraries of chemical and biological reagents for bioactive compound discovery, toxicity studies, and cell biology research.


  • Liquid Handling Stations: Agilent BRAVO, Biotek Multiflo FX, ThermoFisher Multidrop Combi
  • Barcode Labeler and Readers, de-Lidder
  • Plate Sealing: ThermiFisher ALPS 3000
  • Automated Incubators: ThermoFisher 2x Cytomat 24 and 4x Cytomat 6001
  • Microplate Reader for Fluorescence, Luminescence and Absorbance Readings: Spectramax i3 Molecular Devices
  • Automated Microscopes for collecting Brightfield and Fluorescence High Resolution Images from
  • Multiwell Plates: CX5 and CX7 Cellinsight ThermoFisher
  • Robotic Arm: Fanuc F5 

The Team