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Spotlight Global PhD Fellow Nasser Zalmout

Global PhD Fellow in Computer Science Nasser Zalmout is part of the natural language processing team at NYU Abu Dhabi that is trying to develop tools to solve the Arabic translation problem.

New Software Detects up to 25 Arabic Dialects

Researchers from several institutions developed a public online interface, which visually identifies dialects of 25 different Arab cities, from Rabat to Muscat, along with Modern Standard Arabic.

2018 Successes

Research and students in the CAMeL Lab have published significant papers at top conferences and workshops in the field of computational linguistics and natural language processing.  

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Global PhD Student Fellowship in Computer Science
NYU Abu Dhabi | August 2, 2019

Duolingo's Arabic course is finally here – but why did it take so long?
The language platform has finally launched its long-awaited programme in Arabic for English speakers, after being delayed several times.
The National | July 17, 2019

Judges named for ‘Innovators Under 35 MENA
Dubai Future Foundation and EmTech MENA have announced the committee of judges for “Innovators Under 35” in its second year. 
Arab News | July 06, 2019

Lost in Machine Translation
“Humans learn language through immersion and repetition, constantly absorbing and picking up linguistic cues from our social environment while computers learn using algorithms and data samples that we provide them,” explained Nizar Habash, Associate Professor of Computer Science at NYU Abu Dhabi.
NYU Abu Dhabi | March 2019

The Art of Artificial Languages
"Learning a language often seems like a daunting prospect, but what about inventing a language? " Nizar Habash, Associate Professor of Computer Science at NYU Abu Dhabi, is the artist behind Delason, an artificial language.
The Gazelle
| March 5, 2016

Why Can't Robots Cook Like Grandma?
NYU Abu Dhabi | August 9, 2015