Successful Research Year for CAMeL

2018 Lab Achievements

A successful research year for the Computational Approaches to Modeling Language Lab (CAMeL) at NYUAD

Researchers and students in the Computational Approaches to Modeling Language lab (CAMeL) at New York University Abu Dhabi have so far published 20 papers in 2018 at top conferences and workshops in the field of computational linguistics and natural language processing.  The conferences include LREC 2018 (Miyazaki, Japan), NAACL 2018 (New Orleans, USA), ACL 2018 & SIGDIAL 2018 (Melbourne, Australia),  COLING 2018 (Santa Fe, USA) and EMNLP 2018 (Brussels, Belgium).  Some of the publications were in collaboration with researchers from over a dozen international institutes including Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, University of Bahrain, American University of Beirut, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Al Akhawayn University and Université Paris Sorbonne.

The CAMeL Lab research areas include developing new artificial intelligence algorithms for language processing, creating resources and tools to support research in computational linguistics, as well as creating new annotation standards and guidelines with a biased focus towards the Arabic language and its dialects.

Publications by Theme

Dialectal Arabic Modeling
Morphological Modeling
Morphological Disambiguation
Syntactic Parsing
Readability Modeling
Machine Translation
Dialogue Systems
  • A Bilingual Interactive Human Avatar Dialogue System by Dana Abu Ali, Muaz Ahmad, Hayat Al Hassan, Paula Dozsa, Ming Hu, Jose Varias and Nizar Habash. (SIGDIAL 2018).

Automatic Spelling Correction
Sentiment Analysis