Global PhD Student Fellowship in Computer Science

A student in class at NYU Abu Dhabi.

In a unique collaboration, the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS), the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and the Computer Science program at NYU Abu Dhabi invite applications for the Global PhD Student Fellowship in Computer Science.

Participating students are enrolled in the GSAS Computer Science PhD program in the Courant Institute; undertake classes in New York; and conduct their doctoral research in Abu Dhabi.

The main features of this Fellowship are as follows:

  • NYU degree upon graduation
  • graduate coursework at GSAS in New York
  • access to the Courant Institute's extraordinary resources
  • cutting-edge research opportunities in one of the NYU Abu Dhabi labs
  • tuition, fees, and health insurance provided by NYUAD throughout doctoral studies
  • competitive research assistantship and stipend
  • degree-related travel between Abu Dhabi and New York
  • campus accommodation at no cost in Abu Dhabi
  • a contribution toward accommodation costs in New York
  • career development assistance at NYU Abu Dhabi

Interested in studying Computer Science at the doctoral level?

NYU Abu Dhabi also offers the Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship in Computer Science & Engineering, offered in collaboration with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.