Globetrotting NYUAD Junior Highlighted in Hometown Magazine

The Bay Bridge is visible in this panoramic image of San Francisco.

As Oklahoma's The Outlook Magazine recently reported, NYU Abu Dhabi junior Zachary Stanley "is no secret agent. But he's been around the world more times than James Bond." In a nod to the University's encouragement of global exploration, the May article, "I've Been Everywhere, Man," discusses Stanley's personal and course-related travels and highlights what he's gained from experiencing cultures different than his own.

Stanley, who is from Edmond, Oklahoma, spoke to the magazine about being an Oklahoman at NYUAD, the view from his dorm room, and his passion for travel. "It's been really great to broaden my horizons," he said. "In addition to getting a new perspective on the world, I love to see how people from other places think."

Read the article in its entirety:

• I've Been Everywhere, Man (The Outlook Magazine)