Fabiola Chiminazzo

The MFA program at NYUAD gave me the skills and knowledge to deepen my research skills and critical thinking. I also had the privilege of having my work seen and showcased in venues such as 421; that kind of exposure opened up a series of contacts and opportunities critical to getting involved in the activities I am doing now.

Before I came to NYUAD, I had an enormous desire to learn more about my research and artistic potential. I also wanted to engage with the region and its culture. During my MFA at NYUAD, my experiences with new subjects, professors, and students gave me a new understanding of my own artist's practice. I evolved as an artist and as a person. I also developed and discovered new abilities that led me to receive the NYUAD Research Fellowship Award 2023 and to facilitate creative workshops.

Home Region: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Current Occupation: Research Fellow at NYUAD
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

I am currently a research fellow at NYUAD, researching the Louvre Abu Dhabi collection, how archives and Museums develop narratives, and how we engage with them along with historical memory. I applied to the program while I was in the MFA program. I am also teaching a workshop at Louvre Abu Dhabi and NYUAD Art History II class with Professor Terri Geis as part of my research project. Networking and colleagues' invitations gave me these opportunities. Teaching is a mirroring experience, and I enjoy discovering new territory with students.

As I received many studio visits and critiques during my time at NYUAD, I learned how to talk about my work and filter whatever pieces of advice were not in tune with what I felt to be true. Doing an MFA opens doors, especially if you network consistently with peers and visitors. I did that, and indeed, I got many opportunities.

I am working, networking, and applying to be represented by art galleries and teach in museums doing workshops and as a professor at the University.