NYUAD’s liberal arts education teaches you to ask difficult questions, discover new ideas, and build practical skills to become an expert in your own field — whatever that may be.

Core courses address major global challenges, including the pursuit of equality, justice, peace, health, sustainability, and a rich understanding of humanity.

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Featured Research

Research at NYU Abu Dhabi deepens our understanding of the world and ourselves.

A Unique Family Tree

Some popular North African dates are distinctly different and delicious. This might be why.

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See where we learn, work, live, and play.

Student Stories

Why choose NYU Abu Dhabi?

Adrienne Cheng

I decided to accept NYU Abu Dhabi because it offered me flexibility in my studies.


Norbert Monti

I cherish the opportunity to live and breathe in places I do not know because it is the best way to learn about it.

Political Science, Economics

Suraiya Yahia

I grew up in different parts of the world and have always been exposed to very international contexts. NYUAD was the perfect place for someone like me.

Economics and Mathematics


More Than A Stack of Papers

Undergraduate research generates important knowledge about things and issues that didn’t even exist a few decades ago.

Upcoming Events

NYU Abu Dhabi offers a lively forum for the exchange of ideas with local audiences as well as worldwide academic and research communities.


Through June 1, 2019

NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery

A series of minimalist, mechanized sculptures that confront the viewer with a unique and compelling visual soundscape.


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