A Distinctive Learning Experience

J-Term courses are designed as 10-day, highly immersive learning experiences during January or summer (May-June). They intensify the student’s focus, reach beyond the classroom to incorporate experiential learning, and are site-specific, connecting students to the place where they study.

Intellectually linked to their locations, the courses take advantage of local resources; explore the history, culture, economy, and society of the host communities, and often involve collaborative activities with local students and faculty. The courses illuminate the interdependence of local knowledge and global awareness while fostering cross-cultural research and insights into complex global issues.

J-Term Highlights

Taking a single course during the J-Term gives students more time for concentrated reflection on a dedicated topic than is the case during the semester when students must split their time between several courses. The intensity of the shared experience also forges an unusually strong bond between the students and their professors. Although the J-Term is short, it has a great impact because of its immersive character and linking of theoretical and experiential learning.